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Choosing the Best Router – What to Keep in Mind

It is important that you are aware of what a wireless router is before you proceed with this article. If you are wondering what is the main function of a wireless router then reading further would be necessary. Through the routers a number of devices are able to connect with each other more so this is also directly connected with modem used in your home or office. Internet connectivity and routers are often associated which each other. Unlike before routers these days can already connect to you internet connection without using any wired connections. Apart from having a wireless internet connection there are still a number of features that you must know about these routers if you have plans purchasing one in the future. Luckily, this article contains the most common aspects that you must consider before purchasing a wireless router as well as its basic features.

The range of the wireless routers are often measured by feet more so this refers to the entire distance covered by the signal from the wireless router. Since the measurement is taken in a lab set up the range usually decreases as it is tried in a real life setup, for instance in one’s home or office. Proper positioning of the router is another thing that affects the range of the routers more so interference from other devices can also affect it. If the condition of your home is the average one then a wireless range that is 150 feet within the premises of your home is already good enough. Another factor that affects the range is the kind of antenna used since this is the one that broadcasts the signal.

Dual or single band – As you visit different stores or come across with online stores, you may have observe that routers come in two types namely the single band and the dual band wireless router. Band is the representation of the frequency emitted by the wireless outer. As for the frequency, it could be 2.4 or 5 GHz. Dual band wireless routers can make use of both wireless frequency bands. The latter is the main reason why majority of shoppers go for dual band routers because it can provide better signal quality. Indeed, the dual band allows you to use different options to get the right signal but the best type would be the single band wireless router with a 5 GHz wireless frequency. Those are the basic features that you must highly consider before you purchase a particular wireless router, be it online or not what you must bear in mind is that inappropriate wireless router would mean lesser progress in work. For those who want to purchase the best routers must go for the Teldat Company online.

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