Best Way to Choose Tactical Clothes

There is more to protecting yourself during a mission than just armor. While protection from projectiles is important, elements, moisture, and disease can often be a much bigger problem. That is why we should always consider tactical clothes that will alleviate these issues.

Although there is a wide range of models to choose from, all tactical clothes can be categorized by what they protect from:

  • Thermal regulation and protection
  • Hydro-regulation and protection
  • Protection from wind and pressure
  • Piercing and bludgeoning protection

Generally, the last point will be protected with some sort of ballistic protection when in high-risk jobs or situations. But, if you are not using ballistic protection, such is the case in sports, you will need to consider exchanging it for tactical clothes.

Regretfully, there are no perfect tactical clothes that will work in every environment and every situation. Those in the market to buy tactical clothes will need to consider where they will be using them carefully.

Tactical Clothes for Temperature Regulation

This is the most common type of tactical clothes at UARM. Currently, they are made from new materials that allow the clothes to stay light and comfortable while serving their purpose perfectly. With just a single layer, they can add to cooling or preserving body heat.

Temperature regulation is extremely important on a mission, and not only for operator comfort. Extensive exposure to severe cold can have instant health concerns and will drastically lower the soldier’s combat capacity.

Similarly, exposure to heat will induce sweating and dehydration. This can lead to heatstroke or cause a range of issues such as infection or chafing. Soldiers stricken with dermal infections may not be incapacitated, but the discomfort will make them a lot less effective.

Thankfully, with things like the KCS™ Keep Cool Shirt you can reflect most of the sun’s light hitting you and stay relatively cool even when active for prolonged periods. Hydration will still be necessary, but the temperature of the body will stay in the optimal range.

Staying Dry

Exothermal hydration, or how much moisture there is in your skin, is much more important than most people realize. Both too much and too little is very bad, especially if the condition remains due to temperature and other factors.

If the skin is damaged, it will be more prone to infection and irritation. And, if that state isn’t considered there can be significant issues in the long run.

Strategically, operators should not be exposed to bad weather more than absolutely necessary. But, for the periods that they are tactical clothing is used to diminish the impact of the elements they are exposed to.

And, while it is important to keep the soldiers dry in hot summers, it is essential in exceptionally cold climates. Sweat exposed to the cold will form crystallization and cut through the skin, which is excruciatingly painful.

Finally, there is the general comfort of the operator. The cozier the clothes, the less fatigue a person will endure. This will add to their overall combat ability.


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